Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Few Gifts for Him

An idea whose time has come: Man Crates: Like a gift basket for guys, this comes in a wooden crate with the logo branded on the side. There's something for new Dads, Survivalists, beer enthusiasts, poker players, meat lovers, sports and hobbyists -- and even a crate for making it through a Zombie Apocalypse. I KNOW there are people out there who want that - you'd be surprised how many… maybe someone in your own home!  Prices range from $25ish to $109 isn, though there are a few that are more expensive.  Some items can be personalized with name or initials. Lots to look through so CLICK HERE to see!

He's got great headphones but his music player isn't powerful enough to take full advantage of them? This little gadget can be plugged between your headphones and your player and hear the difference The Mobile Music Pump Amplifier,
only $59 from Click the link to get all the technical details...

For your Selfie King -- the Quick Pod Explorer 3 is the most portable pole for their Go Pro or Smart Phone. Only $49.

Check out the Quick Pod site for other models that are longer, or fit other cameras like the DSLR/GoPro combo for $69.95, which is their longest model and is fully salt-water safe! Great for your surfer or diver who wants to capture it all….

This is the BEST - store all your batteries and check to see if they are good with the convenient tester at the top. This can hang on a wall or slip into a drawer. Get two or more. Useful and yet unusual. $19.99 at Container Store, though it can be found in other catalogues.

And these are a quite groovy take on the typical wingtip…. The Newell, by Fluevog. A high top boot with 1.25 inch heels, they're a pretty penny to some, at $389, but that works out to less than a buck a day if he wore them everyday for a year --which he just might because the thick Goodyear rubber sole makes them so comfortable, and will take him anywhere. …. Comes in black too, and some of these models come lined. Click HERE to buy.

I personally lurve the Fluevog kickers below. In fact, I could see getting them for me (in black) and I ain't no guy. The JOSE for $369.
We all learned that rolling our clothes was the best way to avoid wrinkles. And who wants to be encumbered by clumsy rolling bags or have our backs broken lugging a duffel? The Rolo travel bag. 

He can put all his clothes in separate pockets and roll the compression bag up to 1/8th of the size of the clothes folded. Or use it for carrying just a few things as an organizer (depending on your work). Easy to carry on anything from planes to the back of your motorcycle. comes with strap for only $49.99 BUY HERE!
Your handy man, or dad or grandpa would probably get good use out of this PowerShell folding light. Folds flat with a handle and a cord wrap on the back for easy carrying, this puts out 800 lumens of light. Plus it has three extra outlets so he can plug in power tools. CLICK TO BUY for $59.99! If you sign up (at the time of this publishing) on the list of the website I sent you to, you can get 20% off. 

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