Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Very Special Handbag, Made from Your Service Member's Cloth

It's with respect that I offer this very special gift idea from R. Riviter, a company created by military spouses to deal with the challenges of employment as they PCS around the country or the world.  This company focuses on handmade bags of impeccable quality are crafted from military tents, duffle bags and blankets. There's a select few other items like handsome leather wallets and dog collars.

I thought I'd provide their own copy to explain this more, because they say it best.


At R. Riveter, we are inspired by the men and women that serve to fight for our daily freedoms.  Each of us has a unique story of a special service member that has touched our lives and our mission to inspire pride and patriotism into the hearts of many.  We want to provide the opportunity for you to share that service member’s legacy and honor by having a custom heirloom handbag made from a blanket or uniform.  Our goal is to connect the history of military service into all of our lives.  A remarkable way to do this is by carrying a purse made from the materials that your military member once wore to protect his or her country.  It’s a wonderful way to take items that are currently in storage or hanging in your closet out and into the forefront for us to remember and respect all those that served and are currently serving.  Take a look at the example styles and when you are ready to order click HERE

You can choose the bag style you'd like - they are not inexpensive but this could be worth every penny for someone you know.  Prices start at $80 of remake up bags and on up for Dop Kits, clutches, sachels and backpacks. 

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