Thursday, November 6, 2014

All the Rage - Shark Socks!!!

Yes, shark socks!!!!!

Seems everyone wants them, thus warranting it's own post.

The ones above are $30 and done by MissMaryMACdesigns on ETSY.

You can Google around but I suggest you support the artisans on ETSY. Here's a choice of what they offer in prices from $24-44 roughly, for men, women and kids. You can also find patters for men, women, kids and babies there, if you want to knit them yourself. Many are the same, but there are subtle differences. Some have the little black gills, some have button eyes, some have eaten one leg but are faced forward for the other foot, as if seeking the next meal, while they all vary in the thickness of the yard and therefore how tightly they are knit.

Some are light gray, others are dark… I like these green ones with the big black eyes from ETSY maker abstruse. $30.

And for the demure, these shark slippers are kinda sweet. $28 from myknittingworld on ETSY.

Some rather handsome socks for $9.99 found on AMAZON.

Or try these from Uncommon Goods, for $9. See the kids version below...
And I like these for the realists out there. The ocean on your ankle…. $10.95 from ANIMAL DEN.

Or these, which come in a plum-gray too. Buy on The Sock Drawer for $10.

Here's a pair for kids: for $6 on Sock Dreams.

There's even booties for the baby! Found at Stacie71 on etsy for $28. Because you know you've wanted to nibble on those cute little feet yourself!

And for the serious cyclist - how about these for $9.99 from Adrenaline Bikes.

If you get this gift you are sure to delight, make everyone laugh, and give the recipient a great way to entertain guests who pop over all through the holidays…


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