Sunday, November 9, 2014

Get Down with the Downton Abbey Christmas CD

OK Folks! This is a find and may be one of the most poplar things you can give - or buy for yourself - this season! There are few people I know who are not a fan of Downton Abbey (the acclaimed PBS mini- series in case you've been visiting the North Pole for the last few years) - male or female, young, middle aged and older. We all like music, and with the holidays coming up, it's a pretty great gamble that this would be an all round winner.

In fact, you might want to order several!  It's perfect to have on hand when someone you didn't expect surprises you with a gift, for that office grab bag or party swap item and to bring to your hosts of any holiday gathering through New Years.

It drops on November 17, and you can preorder it now on AMAZON, for 14.88 on CD. 

While it's frustrating that they invite you to sample it and yet each song says Not Available, you can see a contents list and it looks like 45 songs, starting with the show's theme song! But Looky Here You --thanks to reader and friend Suzanne, I am able to provide a sampler for you through the video below. Just hit play, and then ORDER A BUNCH!!! Thanks Suzanne!!! 

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