Monday, November 24, 2014

Great Gifts for Kids

Always love to support Etsy artisans, and find thing that I've never seen before, certainly not in any store.

You can instantly download these masks for kids, teens, and grown ups too! Paint them, color them, spray color or glitter em up.  Wear them around the dinner table, done them for New Years Eve…. in other words: Have a ball.

Check out the WINTERCROFT site for a wide choice of solo masks (deer, cats, werewolves, bears, birds, lions, even Chihuahuas!), for only $7.94. or a collection of them, like this Woodland Animal set for $19.30!

How about Moulin Roty Tool boxes? Meant to be used under adult supervision, they offer small sets from about $34 up to large boxes. Google around for the size and price you want. Amazon has a lot, but I found the large box, which contains a hand saw, hammer, gimlet, sanding block, plane, pliers, mallet, chisel, Phillips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, c-clamp, ruler, square ruler, and a spirit level, on Fat Brain Toys for only $63.40 as opposed to $73.50 on Amazon.  This will be a hit with your budding woodworker.

Yep, that boat's a kite! This vivid blue ship with all it's sails will take his or her imagination with it as it rises into the sky. BUY HERE for $40, $36 for members of MOMA. Comes assembled, thank goodness!

Maybe this one is more for parents! A Magnetic Responsibility Chart set by Melissa and Doug.  It really helps make learning to take things on around the house something fun and confidence building. 90 magnets with different chores and responsibilities can be placed on a weekly calendar and rewarded with magnetic smiley faces. For only $15.99 on AMAZON

The Blast Zone Tropical Splash: If you live where it's warm, this will be a huge hit. Or maybe you visit grandma and grandpa who are snow birding, and this would be great to use there.  Recommended for kids up to 75 pounds, this ladder and slide into a splash pool will give them plenty of exercise and beat the heat in the safety of your backyard. A great addition to the swing set! ON SALE now on Amazon for $157.40. 

If you're looking for that old fashioned train with tracks that can go around the lowest boughs of a tree, Herrington has it. This is a bigger model than the old Lionels, of first-rate quality, "with alloy track, steel wheel axles, unbreakable wood-grain ties, and finely detailed cars of weather-resistant plastic. An incredibly detailed, 18" American twin-axle steam locomotive with operating headlight and smoke stack, and speed-synchronized sound; tender with coal load, gondola, classic caboose and Santa figure." Comes with 14 pieces of track in a 5'4" x 4'3" oval, and a variable-speed AC Power Pack. . Click HERE to buy for $369  You can also buy extra track...

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