Saturday, November 29, 2014

More Great Gifts for HIM 2014

The Power All Power Bank/Car Jump Starter. Buy it now ON SALE (as of publication date) on Amazon for $99.88.

A great little emergency must-have, power supply is only pocket size, yet can actually jump start your car. It is also a LED flashlight and can beam an SOS signal for up to 120 hours when fully charged.

On top of that it provides power for all your devices and comes with adapters just about everything, from APple, LG, Samsung, PSP, etc plus USB's.

STOCKING STUFF? Or put it with a great bottle of whiskey or scotch, or make a basket with glasses,
non-melting ice cubes (or get the gray "Stones" pictured), and other goodies. Whiskey Sticks, which you can order for only $12 a set, flavor whiskey without additives or chemicals, to make it more vanilla, maple, oakey etc. A really unique treat.

FINALLY! The much awaited Call of Duty gets cooler  with a little cameo by Kevin Spacey.  Get the one right for Play Station or Xbox models. This BEST BUY on Ebay. For $59.99 each.
takes it to the next level of mind-blowing graphics and sci fi additions to the story. Get it at

LEVIS 513 Straight Slim Jeans. Says it all. For $43. Google around but you can take a gander to see many styles and colors HERE. 

OR EVEN BETTER  - how about getting him these high quality, great fitting five pocket cords? They're warmer than jeans, soft as pajama bottoms and look dressier - so if your casual man/son/dad/nephew wants to feel comfortable and you want him to look his best going out - give these Black cords. For $109, TIP: Get $25 off your first order just by starting an account!! Comes in dark brown, tan and kaki too.  CLICK HERE to buy.

MEUNDIES claim to be the most comfortable basic underwear for men (there are a few selections for women too). You can get him basic trunks, boxers or briefs in black and gray but a stack of 5 or 10 and even a package of 365 of colorful undies in whatever style you choose. Also offers socks, tees, and pajama bottoms. Check it out HERE:

Inspire him with this book on Gordie Howe. "Howe dominated both the sport and the record books like no one has before or since. Over an incredible six decades, the Hall of Famer had so many accomplishments that he set the record for the most records by any athlete ever in any sport. He also achieved the remarkable feat of playing for six years with his own two sons, Mark and Marty. But Howe did not inspire generations of hockey players simply by rewriting the record books. When people talk about him, it’s the man they revere even more than the player. Despite his ferocity on the ice, Howe’s name has long been a byword for decency and generosity."  $19.99 Hardcover, $11.99 Kindle  BUY HERE
Or let him relate to his inner bad boy with this new book, 
Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre: A Biography of the Doors,
A much touted biography of The Doors Set apart from the others with a lot of background detail about the band and Morrison that hasn't been set down on paper before. Penned by rock and roller Mick Wall. $24.04 hardback, $18.42 paperback ON AMAZON.

Or how about this bluetooth Bose Speaker  - I recommend some form of these every year, because they are simply outstanding - those giant speakers we once had don't even compare to what comes out of these little things - without distortion no matter how loud it gets. And you can hear every instrument, no buzzing bass or tinny notes, with rich vocals. Connects to smartphone, tablet or bluetooth device.  And now it's smaller than ever - he can take it traveling easily - unless you have swiped it for yourself! You want to see a happy guy? GO FOR IT.The Soundlink Mini-bluetooth, for $199.95.  CLICK HERE

Or get him this larger model which claims to have the best technology yet from BOSE (Not sure how it could improve). They're a little larger -- but still slim and compact. And, you camp personalize with a choice of colored covers -- or with his favorite team, PERFECT for your tailgater….! $299. 
CLICK HERE to read the details. 

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