Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wood Whittling - A Great Gift For Grandpa

But order immediately, because it comes from Sweden. But it only takes 3-8 days to deliver after 2 days to process so it sounds like you can definitely get it.  In a simple box you get a swedish woodcarving knife with a thin blade of steel and a birch wood handle,  a branch of juniper and a piece of birch wood, two types of sandpaper, oil and a what to carve and how to carve it booklet.


 They are about $69 USD. Just easily click "order now" and you can choose Adult or kids, for the swedish 499K - don't worry about that.  hen you'll see a WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Hyperlink. They take all major credit cards.

If you're reading this a little late into December and you can't get it for the holidays, order it anyway and give it to Dad or Granddad for New Years Day, Valentines, Father's Day or just any day you want to say I have a little something for you… And you can always find extra soft wood at a local store, though you may have to search a little….

They also have a box for kids, ages 6-14,  so it could be a great thing for Grandpa and the kids to do together.  But even solo, this is a very meditative, rocking chair on the porch or by the fire kind of thing to do.

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