Monday, December 1, 2014

Amazon Will Give to Animal Rescue and Rehab When You Shop TODAY

If you're shopping on AMAZON today, you can have proceeds go to a Wildlife Center I did so much volunteer animal rescue work with. You may not know the place but I do - they work tirelessly on behalf of injured, orphaned, sick, and oiled wildlife. And the Wildlife Center of Texas receives NO city, state, or federal funding! They rely on public support 
So why not really get into the holiday spirit and do DOUBLE  GOOD while you shop today!! This is a painless way to help!!! 
Login or create a quick account.
Type in “Wildlife Center of Texas” and choose “Select”.
Then every purchase made through AmazonSmile will benefit wildlife! 
Send love this way out into the world to do good while you look for things for loved ones. 
PLEASE share this link with everyone you know! REALLY DO a good deed and paste this on your wall - takes two seconds!  If we don't take care of the earth and animals, who will?

Here are some of the animals recently helped by the Wildlife Center of Texas - they get hundreds in every month - think about that. No animal is turned away. Without state, city or federal funding? 

 This Eagle would have died had it not been for the wonderful, caring people who find them and bring them in to the center - what if there were no center to bring them to? The Center exists solely because of donations by people like us… and the hours volunteered by caring folks. It was a privilege to do this!

With a broken wing in the wild, this little owl would never have grown up to survive and serve it's function in our ecosystem.

Baby birds need to be fed just about every 15-20 minutes during daytime hours, and eat specialized food like crickets, worms, berries. Volunteers at the center work tirelessly - who buys all that food unless we help fund it?

Releasing a pelican back into the wild- one of many birds saved from death by the Wildlife Center, 
Things like the BP oil spill happen more frequently than we know...

Baby ducklings that lost their mother get all they need from the loving people who care for them. They are warm, have plenty of clean water, the proper food and a clean place to grow up and go back into the wild. 

Don't PAWS before you sign on to


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