Sunday, November 29, 2015

Give Blue Apron Delivers Fresh Ingredients and Recipes to Your Home

Blue is an interesting gift idea -they are not just sending you food, but an experience.

  • Discover exciting, seasonal recipes created by our culinary team & renowned guest chefs
  • Recipes never repeated in the same year
  • Meals are 500-700 calories per serving and take 35 minutes to prepare
  • Ingredients are perfectly pre-measured so there’s no waste
  • Cook with seasonal ingredients that are fresher than the supermarket
  • Discover specialty products that are hard to find on your own
  • Free delivery nationwide
  • Choose a delivery day that best fits your schedule
  • Ingredients arrive in a refrigerated box so food stays fresh even if you’re not home

You can cancel at any time. This would be a great gift to get them started and let them decide if they want to continue. If they don't, they've still had a great couple of meals - cooking with friends or loved ones, or welcoming the break from grocery shopping and meal planning for the time you gave them. WIN WIN!

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