Sunday, November 1, 2015

Great Gift! Accessories Made from Sports Memorabilia

Sports Fans! This is very cool! Get accessories made from your favorite teams'  authentic sports arenas, uniforms and equipment your favorite teams. All come with gift box and a certificate of authenticity.

An unforgettable gift for the sports fan - and something they will talk about and show people for years!  Some of the below is from their Amazon listings, but check out the by Tokens and Icons site for everything from MLB,  NHL, NFL, PGA and Collegiate.

Like these silver cufflinks made from the Celtics parquet floor from 1946-99! $180 (these are offered by a place called Elite Global Brands.

Or these, made from the seats at Yankee Stadium! (Yes they have other major stadiums lik Fenway, Wrigley, Dodger, Busch, Baltimore, and RFK) $170

Or these made from Hockey pucks with your team embossed into the silver on the back? So many to choose from. Click the link to see!  $150.

Or this wallet made from the Dallas Cowboy's uniform fabric for $160. Disclaimer is that fabric swatch linings vary and this one doesn't show much, but the other examples do -regardless, the person using it will see it overtime they reach for a buck - and get a kick out of it.

Or these made from Collegiate helmets from Notre Dame, Ohio State, University of So. Cal, Michigan, Stanford, Louisiana, Alabama, UCLA, & Berkeley. $180.

CLICK HERE to see many items offered from several major teams and sports. They have stuff made from vintage tennis rackets, used helmets, balls and more.... Act fast, these seem to be moving quickly!

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