Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Books Still Make GREAT Gifts!

This post, published on December 9, is dedicated to John Lennon, who died senselessly by gunshot, this day in NYC.

Gathered for the first time in book form, are John Lennon's letters to family, friends, strangers, and lovers from every point in his life. Funny, informative, wise, poetic, and sometimes heartbreaking, his letters illuminate a never-before-seen intimate side of the private genius. Hardback is 21, Paperback is $19 on AMAZON

Of course you know about this:  Unless you've been in hiding. Photographer Brandon Stanton began an ambitious project create a census of New York City citizens on his own. The photos he took along with interviews went to his blog called Humans of New York.  From there, a book was published, becoming #1 on the  NY Times Bestseller List. The above is his next, which has more in-depth stories of the people in the pix, rich and full, and endlessly fascinating. GET IT - $18 at Barnes and Noble.

The cooks in your life will appreciate this - or the one struggling to be. A detailed book of kitchen hacks, created by Cooks Illustrated mag and America’s Test Kitchen chefs,  packed with ways to make it easier to make it all in the kitchen.

Taschen Surfing 1778–2015
Following over 3 years of meticulous research, this new platinum publication from Taschen is the most comprehensive visual history of surfing to date. Celebrating the art & culture of surfing with over 900 photos, this 592-page tome covers over 200 years of surfing around the globe. $131 ON AMAZON,  the lowest price I saw for it. But worth it for some surf aficionados!

CAREER OF EVIL came highly recommended by some of my writer friends. That's good enough for me. Amazon says: "The third in the highly acclaimed series featuring private detective Cormoran Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacott. A fiendishly clever mystery with unexpected twists around every corner, it is also a gripping story of a man and a woman at a crossroads in their personal and professional lives."

 Some Kind of Hero recounts the remarkable Bond story, and all its highs lows from the early 1960s to today .Drawing on hundreds of unpublished interviews with the cast and crew, it reveals a little-known side of the iconic action series.  This should be given in Hardcover, for $23 on AMAZON. But it's for  $7.99 electronically, from GOOGLE books

Another rave review from my writer friends - especially those who grew up on Harry Potter and worship J.K. Rowling for her writing chops. This is a very different kind of book, her first foray into adult fiction (as if adults didn't eat up Harry Potter!).  People magazine said: ""A vivid read with great, memorable characters and a truly emotional payoff..." A great gift if they haven't yet read it.  At Barnes and Noble (hardcover, paperback and electronic). 

ANOTHER Bond book, compares weapons, gadgets and bond leading ladies through the series. Tons of fun for the fan! BARNES and NOBLE. $22 for Hardcover. Yes, there are electronic versions of all the books!
YES! We need more Nimoy. One of the cooler, multifaceted cats on the planet.  Written by William Shatner, who stayed close pals with him long after the mere 3 years that the original Star Trek series was on the air. In this memoir-esque tome, Shatner tells personal anecdotes from their half century friendship. Good stuff. 

For fans of design and home renovation, if not just because she's so charming and funny -- how about this book by Ellen DeGeneres? She has renovated several homes over 25 years, and this is her story on her adventures and "education". $24 Hardcover Barnes and Noble

TIP: To see all the BOOK recommendations on the blog (and it is highly worth a gander) CLICK HERE!

Or this from Jane Pauley:
This is the awakening of a generation to the opportunities that lie ahead. Research has shown that people in their fifties are more vital now than they were only ten years ago. They’re saying, “I'm game I want to do more.” A fresh look at ideas  with a different perspective on the future than any generation before: that there is more to come inc you enter midlife—and perhaps the best time of all. Jane is not an advice giver but a storyteller. At Barnes and Noble for $13 in hardcover.

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