Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Funny Gifts!

A WAY incomplete list - but here are just a few quick little tidbits as the clock ticks down. Several of these made me laugh out loud - and the secret to life is to liberally employ humor. So the below offers a little of it...

Hilarious! A ball with a grin that will make you crack up every time they come back to you to throw it again. $15-18 on Open Sky

SPOCKS - with ears! Google around but best prices are about $10 a pair. Find these at The Joy of Socks.

Or go to Super Hero Stuff's website for your inner superman, complete with capes.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater has become an art - and this is a good resource for them. Tipsy Elves presents many on sale right now, approx $38, like this Ginga Ninja - I laugh more at the guy modeling it - a perfect pose.
Don't miss Tacky Cat with Balls for men or ladies.  There are so many - Bah Hump Pug (yes, a pug dog), Chanukah sweaters,

Christmas Tree with Balls anyone?

There are just too many to show you. JUST CLICK on it and look around. One is worse than the next. So great!

And MORE socks - some of the most fun I've seen.  Like these Santa boots ankle socks for $12

...or this Xmas lights pair for knee socks for $15. Don't wait on these as these smaller companies can't guarantee delivery - but there are many that are non-xmas themed but very festive that'd  be great for New Years!!

You can run right to your local Hallmark to pick this up for $19.00 but here's THE LINK. Was very nicely made and will last for years. I may go back and buy it just to keep and sell in 20 years and make a million on it as memorabilia! :)

Even if they can't deliver till christmas, keep this bookmarked for gag gifts, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and birthdays. Ankle and knee high socks for men and women, and probably kids - and they also make kitty phone covers too.  Visit Living Royal to see them all.

Game Night Shot Glass Dart Set!  Comes with Gaming instructions and one dart board, four darts with a magnetic tip, and four shot glasses. On sale for only $8.99 On WAYFAIR

My Favorite, besides White Christmas, is The Holiday - an ultimately feel good romantic comedy with actors who you can't take your eyes off. It will make you a little choked up but is pure entertainment and ends with a huge smile. And Cameron Diaz's wardrobe stands out as one of the best two modern wardrobes in a contemporary women's flick (the other is in the remake of Thomas Crown Affair.  Buy on Amazon for only $4.95

And this might be crude to some, but it was a hoot when it came out. Starring one of my dear friends who I've also worked with for many years, Denis Leary. A Christmas Classic - He unwittingly gets held hostage by family politics (then plays therapist) when he burgles a house on Christmas. The REF: $5 for the DVD on Amazon.

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