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Gifts for The Aging and Those With Dementia

It can be most difficult this time of year to bring the joy of the season to those who are old, confused, aching, sick or suffer from dementia, in varying stages. And it's almost harder on those who care for them - even bright or sparkly paper can confuse or upset someone with Alzheimers. How do you give and what do you give to your loved one?

There are lots of things - more and more products are being made for just this type of person, as so much of the population is in this situation. Make sure to check out the link at the end of this post to past posts with lots more suggestions.

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Play a Game! Most of these are tested with people at various stages of dementia to ensure that it is well-suited, and fun, and they give instructions on how to present the activity to ensure that the person feels a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Fun and colorful, a version of Querkle designed specifically for people with dementia - age appropriate, not childish. $25 on AMAZON. 36 brightly colored tiles draw people's attention, colored templates help the person be successful.

LOVE THIS!  This Retro Style analog AM/FM One Button Radio specially designed to be completely controlled by "One Button".  Simply remove the front panel, select the preferred station on AM or FM and set the volume. Then just removes the control knobs (to avoid tampering) stores them in the power compartment in the rear of the radio & replaces the front panel.

Once the initial set up has been completed, the user simply pushes the button down to turn the radio on and pushes the same button down to turn the radio off. No more fiddling with all those confusing buttons & dials! Music may be downloaded & played using a USB memory stick - MP3 file format ONLY. While playing music via the USB stick, the front cover panel will remain off. ON SALE for  $129 ON AMAZON

35 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for those who loved to do them... or would love it now. Big easy pieces to hold, bright colors and a fairly clear design (red, black, white). $20 From Keeping Busy puzzles..

Or try this Barnyard puzzle, with milder colors, and SNOW, for the season! $20 on AMAZON. And if they are beach and sea lovers, CLICK HERE for that puzzle scene.

Target Toss: I like this one: A target and toss. For three to six participants  - a great way to get them to exercise their arms and upper body while having fun. You can choose from the cards they provide, or make up your own. Only $15.

Memorable Pets sells both soft, fluffy, CUTE cats and dogs as well as baby dolls. People with Dementia get a lot of joy and comfort from holding, talking to, and cuddling them - especially calming when they are upset. Check out this company's link, as they have a nice selection, but you can find many if you Google around.

If your loved one has dementia, you can choose a ready-made gift box based on the stage they are at from the BEST ALZHEIMERS PRODUCT Store in the range of $49-90 Or click on it to get ideas to make your own. They have boxes also for the cat or dog lover too!

Ever heard of a Twiddle Sport? It's something that people put in their laps to keep their hands busy and feel productive. Reduces anxiety- kind of like worry beads! The cat and dog ones are great, and one is bright purple, another is white. This one is kind of a guys version. See all the offerings on  About $44
THIS IS GREAT! A swivel seat for the car, or the table. Great for those having difficulty with coordination.  My dad was just a big guy and he found it harder and harder to get out of the car.... $49 at Gold Violin.

And this can be a lifesaver - the EZ Boost power seat. Self riser gently lowers or raises your body, and helps relieve stress and strain on joints. Works without batteries or electricity. Foam filling provides seated comfort. Handle makes it easy to lift and move from chair to chair, or when travelingComes for either 80-190 lbs ($99) or one for someone 180-400 lbs. ($119), At Gold Violin.

Dad miss grilling? Too dangerous now, or no place in an assisted living home? This might be just right - safe and economical. No defrosting. Take food straight from your freezer to this grill. Unlike a microwave, the Ready Grill heats food evenly throughout. Seals in juices, browns food evenly and lets fat drip away. Place steaks, chicken, fish, veggies, fruit or appetizers into the grill, drop it in and turn on the timer. Great for diets that have to be healthier too! No temperature to set, Turns off automatically, all parts that touch food are dishwasher safe! $99 on Gold Violin.

Nice for desk or chair, these magnifying reading lights come in floor or desk versions. Can really help a person read comfortably without glasses, or having to hold a magnifying glass.  See four options on GOLD VIOLIN, but Google around for a plethora of options and prices. 

SMART STEP night lights: This is great - I got them for my house. A motion sensor that you put at the top and bottom of the stairs - or any hallway - or at any place at all where you need illumination in the dark as your loved one walks - especially if they've begun to walk in the middle of the night.
$19 in silver or white, from Gold Violin.  And you can find more motion sensor lights at HOME DEPOT and Pegasus lighting.

Bed side  carafe and glass - there are many but this is an inexpensive one. You may want to look for a plastic one to avoid breaking if they get up in the middle of the night, or tend to move around in their sleep.  This Cora Carafe is very inexpensive at $10.95 at CB2. There are also several choices in the $24 range at Wayfair.

Barefoot buddies: These are great for them to wear around the house, at the docs, at a hotel - walk like barefoot but with coverage and some warmth without the bulk of slippers -no stumbling or falling to break a hip!  many colors, solids, patterns. $15 at Gold Violin.

And for him - The Acorn Cotton Slipper Socks: Look good, easy on/off, yet have a little stability with memory foam inside and suede outsoles. Mens sizes but can probably find these for women by googling around. I want a pair! $49 on Gold Violin.

Penetrating heat eases arthritis, muscle pain, stiffness. Here are a few solutions that will be very welcome under the tree.  Electric foot warmer -great for on the couch, while at the kitchen/dining table: $69 at Gold Violin.

Or this very nice herbal shoulder pack. Filled with grains and aromatic herbs including lavender, rosemary, peppermint, cinnamon and other natural ingredients. Blue or Berry. $39 at Gold Violin. 

Golden Violin also has a full body warmer that can be put on a chair. CLICK HERE to seat, for $35.

A big clock and date - no abbreviations, easy to read, in black and white with block letters and numbers. Most places it's $88. On Amazon I found this for $64. Google around and maybe you'll find the best price.

For someone who needs exercise but finds it hard to stand - an upper and lower body workout, plus cardio The Chairside Exerciser for $89.

Ultralight travel chair goes anywhere!  Ideal for taking Mom shopping or helping your husband enjoy a cruise. Lightweight and durable—folds in seconds. Maintenance-free aluminum frame won't rust. All-terrain wheels are easy to maneuver.  Many colors/patterns. Features swing-away footrests, seat belt, rear brakes, padded armrests, spot-clean nylon seat and rear storage pouch. Black Carrying bag sold separately. $259 on Gold Violin.

YES! This extra large night light surface tablet is a sleek modern light source, that can be placed on top of any standard night table. Designed for anyone, especially seniors or the visually impaired to place, eyeglasses, medications, glass of water, phone, and other personal items on it, so they will be easily located upon waking up, without switching on the main light. This enables restful sleep and provides comfort & peace of mind. $148 On Amazon

They will be styling with these groovy colored canes with the rubber bottom stabilizer. 
$49-69 at GOLD VIOLIN.

Sleep Apnea Pillow: Firm pillow is designed to keep C-PAP and Bi-PAP face masks in place. Its shape helps prevent leaks and pressure points. Washable polyester/cotton cover. Polyester fill. $59 on Gold Violin.

You can also shop the entire site of Gold Violin, of Best Alzheimers Products, AMAZON for people with Dementia and read more about how to buy gifts for those with Alzheimers HERE.

To find lots more suggestions from past years, CLICK HERE - and if the links don't work just Google for the current way to buy the item. Hurry though, dates are getting close to have delivery by Christmas, if that's what you're ordering for.

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