Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hard to Buy For? Give A Gift They Won't Get Anywhere Else!

Philips Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock $168. Clinically proven to work... Bedside light dims and sound gently send you off to sleep at night, and colored sunrise simulation wakes you naturally Choice of 5 natural and calming wake-up sounds, FM radio and a tap-to-snooze alarm clock.

It's still elegant to have engraved notes -- and memorable calling cards. And if there's someone really special, this might be just the thing. Especially if you have a fan of Victorian times or the 1920's, when calling cards were key. makes them, a company devoted to the written word and the lasting, instead of the electronic and the temporary. I wish there were more companies like them. 

CLICK HERE for the identity page but click around for the various items they personalize. Don't forget to visit the GIFT page and Sale page as well. TIP: Sign up for email and get 10% off your order. And there's FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200.

Brooklyn’s Best Made's thermometer/barometer: If you've asked --- "Um, what does barometric pressure mean to how I dress today?" this is for you!  An all-brass, German-made analog dial that gives you a precision readout based on how the weather “feels.”

Well, they may get this one more easily, but few people have them. How about a spiralizer? I have one and use it regularly. Among other uses, these make great spaghetti noodles out of zucchini and we use them all the time, for those looking for carb substitutes, or vegetarians/vegans, they will LOVE this. A great alternative to Spaghetti squash. At MACY's for the good price of $24.

Don't quite know how this works because I haven't seen it to try it first hand but thought you'd like to know about this Wireless Beanie that has built-in earphones that allow you to listen to music or calls via bluetooth. $39

Why now? A motion-activated candy dispenser! Can also hold health nuts. Wave your hand under it, and a pre-set amount will fall into your - or your kids - hand.  Different and fun.  $39.99 ON AMAZON 

The GobiGear SegSac is the evolution of your standard stuff sack, one that makes it easier to organize the stuff you stuff inside. Four internal compartments so you can separate things  - whether camping, or going back to college, for storing balls, bats, ski rods, snow shoes, or using for laundry. Offered in different sizes & colors. Ultralight, water-resistant. From $20.

These are not your average cutting board or serving tray. There are several pics of them if you click the link to get a better idea. Can serve cheese and crackers, apps, tapas, dips, or even use them for display in a store. Each is unique, and you an get them monogrammed. 4 sizes, $25-99 from Pottery Barn

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