Monday, December 7, 2015

Rochelle's TOP PICKS for BEST GIFTS OF 2015

A little for everyone, this years Top Gifts!   

I mean this...  CALL your local Hallmark TODAY - NOW! Because they are sold out online. You will NOT regret this charming Peanuts Holiday purchase. Each figurine sells for $29.95 or $119 as a set of 5 BUT if you go into Hallmark and buy 3 of ANYTHING - even 3 pieces of candy or 3 cards, you get each for $15! And they are worth every CENT.

They are battery operated, and you can put them around the house or in a group - wirelessly, one starts and the others join in for holiday songs as the lights go on and off in time. CLICK HERE to find a little video of them - but waste no time calling and even using your credit card to reserve them - even if you can only find a few, it still works!


I got the group as jazz musicians a few years ago and it has delighted every guest - adult or child - I've shown them to. They will cheer you up no matter if the turkey is burning or you have too many bills, or the holidays are not your thing.

From -- Louise Copper Bowls! These gorgeous spun aluminum with a copper finish and lined in a food safe enamel are perfect for both prepping and serving. Versatile uses and size options make these a perfect way to bring copper into your home.  $50-95, available in 4 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

DRAW IN THE AIR with this 3D pen! Create three-dimensional freehand drawings. Artists can download blueprints of a 6"-tall Eiffel Tower, a napkin holder, etc...  Trace the designs and mend them together with the pen.  This fast drying "ink" allows you to draw a bird’s outstretched wing. Choose from 2 different dispensing speeds. The pen is powered by a 6'-long AC cord and it heats up in less than a minute. Includes 50 plastic refills in assorted colors. $100 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

BEAUTIFUL! CLASSY and feels rich and solid. either iPhone 6/6s case with charger. And they come in great colors. Google around for best prices. From Apple, $45 This shows standard colors, but in the store I saw a light teal, a bone color (called rose gray), etc. Here's the navy.

Also -check out Native Union for wood, leather and marble-looking cases and cords. Like this solid cold metal and wood combo for $59.

The knife set I recommended last year sold out so quickly. Here's another kind of set from the same maker: A 13 Piece Titanium Plated Knife Block Set by Hampton Forge ON SALE now for $51, down from $129, at

For those who are not ONLY about the GO PRO to take with them when they're active - or for the budding or pro photographer - The Lowepro DryZone 100%, a water-tight back pack for their camera! Fully customizable interior for any camera system. When properly closed, this will float, even with all your equipment inside! 

DryZone 200 Capacity: Large 35mm or digital pro SLR; 4 5 lenses (up to a 300mm f/2.8, with hood reversed).  Additional accessories and pouches can be attached. $262 at Adorama or B&H Photo which offers another type for $149, called the Lowepro DryZone Backpack 40L

This is Chess Set is ordered through the artisan in England so know that upfront. But it was too cool not to include. The game pieces are made of heat treated and oxidized stainless steel that is hand polished to create the beautiful colour differences. No chemicals are used. The leather board is hand cut and sewn in order to create the precise geometric pattern. The white/black squares represented by the tactile contrast of the suede and skin side of the same Italian leather hide. The presentation box is custom made by a local family business using old, Victorian machinery. By Raw Chess Set £395 ($595 US)

With K-cups being all the rage, it's time to get them with premium coffee that the true aficionado wants. This is what you want:  Blue Horse Kona Coffee Cups from Athena of Hawaii - THE freshest, real 100% Kona available in Keurig compatible capsules (even has orange stickers inside so they work on the Keurig 2.0 machines). 10 for $24.99

From first hand experience, I can tell you this is the REAL DEAL - grown in Kona, roasted & packed there on a small family farm that I visited personally.  This is not a blend but a pure Kona coffee roasted between medium & dark (Full City roast), giving it complex fragrant notes and a lingering sweetness, hint of chocolate. Smooth, gentle but full, rich aroma. GIFT IT to yourself too!

Sleek and beautiful, this elegant and sophisticated Wine Growler looks like you spent 4 x more on it.  A double walled, stainless steel container that keeps the original temp and preserves the flavor! Great  for those who go to summer music festivals and picnic on car trips - or just for the ones who like the shiny, the modern. Decant a 750 ml bottle of wine --  no corks to mess with or glass bottles to break or carry out. ON SALE now at $16.50 from Restoration Hardware!

The XtremeUS bike is great high schooler to get them to and from classes and pizza joints or their job. For college kids, it folds up (like the red one) for storing in tiny dorm rooms or apartments. On AMAZON for $170 (Save $80)

The  Rinser Brush - a toothbrush that eliminates the need for a glass! Only $7.99 from AMRON. Don't forget to also order replacement heads so you don't have to throw away the plastic brush every few months! 

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