Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A book by Ted Koppel, a great gift this holiday

I used to call Ted Koppel, the now retired anchor from Nightline, my boyfriend. Every week night, I'd come home from a long day, get in my pajamas, and turn his program on. There he would talk to me every night, and I'd be fascinated. He was so intelligent, grounded and no-nonsense. It was so stimulating to listen to him, and I'd  learn from every word. 

He wrote a few things, but this book describes the person behind the respected journalist you saw night after night, who lived and worked through so many significant moments in our recent history. 

Amazon describes it as this:

Off Camera is a daily journal of the year that brought the twentieth century to a close--the year of Monica and Y2K, of shootings at Columbine, of the death of JFK, Jr. With riveting insight and lucid prose, Koppel chronicles his thoughts on these events and more, from interactive TV to the war in Kosovo to the dumbing down of network news. Witty, provocative, and wise, this book is indispensable.

This could be a great gift for dad or granddad, a news junkie or journalism student. Purchase on AMAZON

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