Saturday, November 26, 2016

Vaute Couture: Ground Breaking Vegan High Fashion

Vaute Couture is a vegan, cruelty free brand, making fashion for men and women in America. What's not to love?  They are the first vegan label to show at New York's fashion week. They use organize and recycled fibers to create innovate textiles... and they are activists (you can read more about that on their site).

They offer hats, overcoats, sweaters, jewelry, gowns, shoes and swimsuits! Their tees and jewelry have animal rights messages on them - could be just right for the animal lover on your list.

TIP: Look for the banner at the top (as of this publishing) offering 25% off their Ethical Fall Winter collection, most of which are already on sale... May be a Black Friday thing so look now!

Can you just see the look on the face of the activist in your life when they open a box to see this?
No Animal Was Harmed silver heart necklace $27.

Here's a beautiful, versatile shirt for men that will please all tastes. A classic button down that looks like chambray, in a classy shade of all-popular blue that is 55% organic linen and 45% organic cotton so it will be soft and breathe well.  ON SALE for $93 (from $110).

How about these shoes for $140 (they come in other colors, just thought these were super cool)

You can check out the SALE menu, to find items like this striking teal Men's pea coat, sharp at car-coat length ON SALE  now $375 (from $500).

Planning that winter getaway? They've got several really unique PRETTY swimsuits. CLICK HERE to see them all... 

FIND TEES like this on sale for $22:

Or this sweatshirt with a message I can see MANY people proudly wearing - if you have one of them in your life you know who they are - for $54

I've picked some of the lower priced, simpler items to reach out to all income levels who read this blog. Much if it ain't cheap, but it is lasting ... and for those who want quality stuff that is in line with their belief systems, and like to look great, there is something here for you. 

So let me feature two of the gowns I liked. The Anais gown in green for $415 (comes in several gorgeous colors)

and the Oliver gown in black satin, as seen in Vogue, for $715.

 TIP: If you live in or near NYC, you can bypass shipping costs and go pick it up on Stanton Street. Just use CODE NYCPickup at check out. 

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