Saturday, November 26, 2016

We've Been Through The Wringer. This Year, Gifts That Heal The Hurt

With Halloween and Thanksgiving behind us, we're well on our way the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.  And this season of giving, love, wonder and magic, food, sweet things, family and tradition can be a very healing force. And healing is desperately needed.

This year, many of us are feeling a little bruised. Some are feeling downright scalded.  The country clearly needs a big dose of kindness, empathy for the "other" side to achieve the unity that is now being called for. The entire world is in need of good, as so much change is afoot.

Many people are finding this situation has made them feel a call to ACT, not just talk or feel, and THAT is a WONDERFUL thing.  One way is to give gifts that are good for the world in some way.

So while I always offer some gifts that do good, this year you will find many more ways to make the world a little (or a lot) better.

Flickr Photo courtesy of asenat29

A word for those who do not feel any joy or cheer during holiday season: This kind of giving is just what the doctor ordered. You can fully trust that by doing acts of kindness and giving whatever you have to give - and we all have a smile, or an extra moment to spend doing something good, or helping someone at the very least - you will heal.  When we give with sincerity, and for all the right reasons, caring only for the other among us, miraculous things happen.

It is a bona-fide law of life, like most Truths, utterly simple. IF you give with only thoughts of giving, you end up receiving tenfold. And all WIN.

Now what could be better than that?

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But you need to know, you are THAT powerful (in both directions).

Choose Good, Do Good. All year long.

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