Thursday, December 1, 2016

BEST OF MY LIST: Give the Gift of Food

With sales going still tonight, if you want a surefire hit that's more than just a gift card - go for any of these people and palate pleasers. Something you are SURE they can USE!

Always on my favorites list to suggest: Williams Sonoma's croissants. These authentic, buttery, light, flaky and delicious croissants come frozen to the recipient in full size or minis.  

Stash the box in the freezer and pull out what you want for the morning. Let it sit out on a cookie sheet over night, where it rises. Pop them in the oven in the morning and in a few minutes you have croissant to rival any in Paris. Set of 15 plain, chocolate or combo, for $39.  They have added spinach and feta, ham and cheese, caramel and caramel and chocolate! TIP: And today they are 20% OFF 

And now, you can treat someone to 3 months of pastries for $119 or $95 with the 20% off sale. 

PERFECT for Christmas morning, New Years Brunch, birthdays, Mother's Day, or EVERY day!

Every year my dad used to send a ham to each of us kids at Thanksgiving time, and ordered a smoked turkey for the house for Christmas. It was a tradition that the morning we opened the presents, mom would littler our round table in front of the couches with lots of things to nibble on (a tradition I carry on to this day), while Christmas dinner was in the oven taking hours to cook.

Central to the veggies and dip, hummus, pita bread and olives, dried apricots, and such (a middle eastern theme) was a full turkey with brown skin, that tasted incredible It was a smoked Turkey from Smithfield.

I once sent one to a friend who said, it is a great gift to receive food - not just snacks, not just candy, but real food. And something like a ham or a turkey - or on THIS page, a combination of turkey breast and spiral cut ham in varying sizes to fit the designee - not only tastes delicious, but is so easy to serve to people who drop over, bring to a party, or snack on for a week for folks who don't cook.

Another old standard that is great for a reason is sending prized pears and cheese. And Harry & David are the gold standard. TIP: USE CODE GO15 for 15% off at checkout. 

Choose from several combinations.   Scroll through. You can start with 6 pears beautifully presented for only $25 on up to apples, oranges, persimmons, wine, nuts and cheese in ranges from $36-$129 and as you continue to scroll their baskets go from gorgeous to decadent to AMAZING.

The fruit is usually prime - beautifully shaped, perfectly ripened, and delicious and the cheese is just the right balance to them in taste and texture.  A nice six pack of pears and a hunk can last a couple for several days' treat with tea or wine - perfect for a wintry read in front of the fire, before or after board or card games, or to pull out when a visitor pops in for some cheer.

Check out their Pear Crisp for $49, and THESE Chocolate Caramel Covered Pears for $49. Unforgettable and sure to be a conversation piece this holiday.

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