Saturday, March 18, 2017

Back Up Your Phone Photos in a Flash with Picture Keepers

Their slogan is "No Storage, No Data, No Wifi, No problem"

As someone who's broken a sweat more than once working with my tech guy trying to come up with a user friendly way to store my photo library, which, as an archivist, is almost as big as my music library, I present yet another option.

I'm hearing from several friends who've tried it that this is a good thing - whether or not you are backing up your photos somewhere with a sophisticated and often expensive external hard drive like a Lacie or Drobo. Key to it all?  They report it's incredibly easy to use.

Instead of having your pictures spread out between your phone, tablet or laptop... or losing them because you lost a phone or due to crashes... or if you are keeping a lot on your phone because it's so much easier than digging them out of those hard drives or finding them on a cloud service - check out the Picture Keeper. 

Be aware: There are a two kinds, with different storage capacities and features, and prices vary based on that. There are some outlets that offer them for discounts.

Picture Keeper Connect:  
"PK Connect actually connects to your cell phone and downloads directly from there. It's especially good if you're on vacation or someplace where you're taking a lot of pictures and aren't able to download them to your computer right away. If you have pictures on your computer that you want to download, you'll want the regular Picture Keeper.  They come in different sizes. Everywhere from 4G to 32G. I found a 16G online that was a much better deal than the 4G was with Groupon", says Elaine SCott-Mee who first introduced me to the Picture Keeper. 

Picture Keeper PRO
Backs up your photos, videos, music and documents. Store and protect your most important files one click. AND there is an option for turning your pix into custom prints and gifts that get delivered to you.

TIP: Currently on their website, you can get 15% off if you give them your email. I have seen it advertised for 40% off with the code PK40. Give it a try!


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