Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The NATO Magnetic Smart Mount

Law enforcement is finally cracking down on holding your phone while you drive around these parts. I've been stopped twice for using my hand held GPS.  In the fall of 2016, right after the law changed, I actually felt forced to upgrade to a smart car so I could talk hands free through the car - but I still use my iPhone for GPS because I just like it better than what my car offers.

But tickets screw you - and your insurance -up. So it became top on my list to find a mounting device.

I didn't want a clamp, which you need two hands for and which often loosens and drops it - and doesn't swivel to fit your vision depending on your height and how you need use it. I tried suction mounts which popped off in heat or cold. And others with adhesives that didn't last.

BUT!!!! I just ordered the one that I hope will solve the problem: The Nato Magnetic Smart Mount.  It's smaller, very strong, swivels and can handle your iPad as well as your phone...

This was a fun, if a little long, video install.

You can go directly to the NATO site to get it starting at $7.99 but I got mine at Amazon, where everyone offers it for $19.95.  It arrives tomorrow, and I am looking forward to this one doing the trick.

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