Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Few Things for Kids

Most of the things below can be found by looking online at Target, Walmart, ToysRus or Amazon as well as a local department store. I gave a website after each but if they are out, just Google the item and see what you can find in stock. 

Star shaped crayons
-- multicolored flecks moulded into star shapes. At A.I.Freidman in NYC  $2.85 ea  212-243-9000

Digital Camera --Yes, for your budding photog.  Helps engage their imaginations, gives them focus and even teaches dexterirty. Colorful, with big buttons, holds $1000 photos.  $44.99 

Elmo Live--What would a christmas list be without the lastest Elmo?  He stands, and sits down, plays games and jokes it up with you. #59.99 or CLICK HERE.

Dark Knight Stealth Batmobile -- Just the coolest version of Batman's car, as seen in the movies.  Doors open up and comes with batman's little sidecar/motorcycle.  $27.99 at, or CLICK HERE.

Language DVD's -- if you're an Baby Einstein mom, here is a version of that kind of thing so your child can get a start in life being bi-lingual. Comes in French, Spanish, Chinese and English (11 more languages are planned).  For babies, toddlers and preschoolers.  Go to to watch samples of the DVD and order. $50.

Transformers Voice Changer Helmut -- Yes, put it on and you too can speak like Optimus Prime. I got one for my husband last year, so it can fit an adult head, lol!  CLICK HERE or go to to buy new or used. Needs batteries so be sure to get those! From $24-58.

Please keep scrolling down for other gift ideas -- I have posted about 5 in the last 48 hours rather than spread them out every day as NOW is the time to find these things, and get free or the lowest shipping!

All photos respectfully borrowed from the websites suggested after each product.


Laurie said...

Mind if I add a gift that small kids enjoy? I give little ones an album of pictures of themselves and of family and pets and friends.

You can do this online or you can put the pictures in an inexpensive and small album from a store. The little ones love having a picture book of people they know and it helps them learn names of people they may not see very often.

Last June I gave a little "first year" album to a one-year old, just simple pictures I had taken at my house during the year. I gave one to her to play with and one to her parents to keep for her when she is older. She just loves that book and points out the baby, our dog, me, etc.

Sydney said...

Thanks Laurie -- that's a great idea.I only think to give that to adults and why wouldn't kids think it's just as special... maybe be even MORE pleased with it! Parents too.

Laurie said...

I did this with leftover pictures when my girls were little and they loved it. No family lives here in SD, so they could see their own pictures of family whenever they wanted to. Every child I've given this gift to has enjoyed it, even when it's just pictures of them! After all, when you are a kid it really is all about you!