Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Gift of Love, Hope and Industry

This one deserves it's own post.  While I listed how to give trees for a dollar a pop two posts back, this is a truly incredible way to use your dollars. 

World Vision is a christian organization that is dedicated to helping the world's poorest children and families worldwide, regardless of race, color or creed.  And apparently 87% of your dollar goes to what you're purchasing (a very high percentage as these things go). 

How cool is this: 
You can choose between buying basic necessities for U.S. Children ($25), and things that help a child, their family or a village in other lands,  like 2 ducks ($12), 2 chickens ($25) a goat ($75) or sheep ($105) thus providing the attendant milk, cheese, eggs, fur/yarn and income.  

For $50 you can donate clean water or party sponsor a village well ($100)!  Or buy backpacks and school supplies ($30),
or give farming tools and training ($32) or seeds ($17). 

There's also educational support, health care, help for sexually exploited children, clothing and food... The list is long. There's a choice for any size wallet but each will satisfy your overflowing heart.

Your tax deductible donation can be made in the name of whomever you're buying a gift for, and they will receive notification through a pretty card (or e-mail if you prefer). 

Click here to go right to the gift page -- they feature some ideas, but on the left there's a mile
long list of categories from which to choose.  If there is only one person on your list you think would appreciate something this meaningful done in their name, check it out.  Their home page is below.

The time you spend on this site could be some of the merriest shopping of all!!! 

(For more gift ideas scroll down and check back frequently!)

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sizzie said...

Thanks Sydney for rounding these up and putting them where I can find them easily. It is a wonderful way to celebrate (now and all year) and I know your posting them will help many people.