Saturday, November 29, 2008


These are the coolest -- Little metal tree shapes with an oil lamp. Light the wick and you will have a flickering reflection of a tall tree on your wall. Get more than one
to create a custom image. Really different, good for most on your list. Run about $48 per tree. Can be found online or at or by clicking HERE.

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Candle --THE ABSOLUTE BEST, truest, just cut pine tree scent has finally been captured, and I know because I've searched for years. Leave it to THYMES to come up with it in their Frasier Fir line. They go fast, but make a perfect hostess gift, or are great for you to burn if you don't believe in a fresh tree,
or yours has lost it's pungent, just cut scent. 6 oz candles run about $25 but their spray air freshener is $18 (and you don't need much)! Votives are $12, and there are soaps, even potpourri (I can't speak for the scent or how much it lasts, as I've never tried that).

For the Thymes website CLICK HERE . You may find slightly lower prices if you Google Thymes Fasier Fir and buy elsewhere.

PS: For someone who is sensitive to fragrances, they often are find with citrus or Eucaltptus scents. Thymes makes an amazing line of products --shampoo, bubble bath, body lotion, as well as candles and such. I love the Eucalyptus line -- light, clean, spiritual (and good for cold season).

If your friend can't stand a scent, go for true soy candles or beeswax candles which have the lightest honey scent and use wicks that burn clean (meaning no smoke or ashy scent).

Opi Nic's Sticks -- A new nailpolish "bottle", it fits in pockets or purse. Great for the traveler or business woman on the go. Free of DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. Recyclable packaging and no animal testing. Found in most drugstores for under $10.

Herb Savor - OK, this little device keeps fresh herbs for up to three weeks in your fridge.
For the person who really does use rosemary, basil or even parsley and cilantro. They even
have a little movie to demonstrate how it works. Bet the cook who has everything doesn't have this yet! Click Here or go to $29.95

SILPAT Liners-- THE BEST!!! For the baker in your house. The famous French, burn proof, non toxic cookie sheet liners. Nothing will ever stick again and clean up is a breeze, makes cookie sheets last forever too. If you've never tried them, they are life changers (in the kitchen at least!). Found at any Bed Bath and Beyond, Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, etc... $19.95

Joyce Chen Kitchen Scissors - I can't live without kitchen scissors or a lettuce spinner to trip fat from and cut up meat. These are the best for longevity and no rust but the blades are a little short for my tastes. Their rubber handles came in bright colors. You can find a variety of kitchen scissors anywhere kitchen supplies are sold.

Oven Glove -- It just works, it's the best, though it could be prettier. Just put it on and you could pick up Lucifer without flinching. Found in houseware stores, some drugstores, etc... or on their website: for $14.95

English Tabletop Easel -- carried in the gift shop by the Museum of Modern art, this price is $10 better 15 3/4 w x 17 x 17, only 6" hight when folded up. $89 (Catalogue and web only) www. or CLICK HERE

Handmade Art -- Speaking of art if you CLICK HERE it will take you to a post on the blog of my friend Connie (called Dirty Footprints). She features a sampling of friends work on Etsy, an online shop for handmade arts. She
has her own shop on Etsy too. For those not familiar with Etsy, her post is a really nice introduction to the goods to be found there -- Good being the operative word. There's great stuff at bargain prices IMHO. You can also check out Etsy on your own at

Holiday Treats DVD -- Holiday Episodes from 8 different TV shows -- I love Lucy, The Honeymooners, The Andy Griffith Show, The Brady Bunch, Taxi, Family Ties, Frasier and Wings. Around $12-15, found at Barnes and Noble and Borders Bookstores, and may be at other places like Circuit City, Blockbuster etc...

Swiss Army Knives -- an old standby, they now come in anything from the major deluxe models to mini to an interesting flat version called the Swiss Card that is a little thicker than a credit card and fits in any pocket. Can be found at evbery major department store, some sporting goods stores etc... To find one near you, CLICK HERE.

All photos lovingly borrowed from product or catalogue websites.

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sizzie said...

I love the tree shapes (listed first). I can't afford them, but I like seeing them on the list and can visualize how they would look in a room. That is one thing I am enjoying about your gift lists..seeing things I might not come across otherwise.