Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Favorite Catalogues

Red Envelope -- A tasteful, mix of things for all the people on your list.  Comes in attractive boxes, with signature red wrapping paper and a card if you want. I am impressed with all parts of this catalogue -- their merchandise, their service, and packaging. Check it out

Uncommon Goods --  Exactly what the title says, there are many kinds of little things you haven't seen in every catalogue.  Many are made by artisans, but they are very selective so you might just find that unusual thing for someone who has everything or who has unusual tastes.

Vermont Country Store Out of Weston VT, carries all kinds of nestalgic games and candies, plus a plethora of lotions, potions and cleaners, gadgets and some of the best flannel PJ's and nighties ever.  Got to check it out.

Sundance Yes, Robert Redford's sundance. Quality items, and again, things you don't find everywhere.  And a large selection of tasteful, simple jewelry. 

Calyx Flowers One of the best places to send arrangements you can count on being the best flowers, if you have someone who is into luxury arrangements. They also offer a good year of flowers (as low as $37.50 per month) and plant (from $33.33 a month) by the month program which you can find by clicking here. They even feature a few arrangements done by Michael Kors this year.  

Back to Basics Toys  Modern world just moving too fast for your child or grandkid?  This may be for you.  This site is chock full of great, simple, colorful, engaging toys -- very little that's electric or that needs batteries.  Their tag line is "they DO make them like they used to!  Games, hobbies, books too.  

Pajamagram  Fro men, kids and women. Your gift is delivered in a round mesh hatbox with a card from you, a lavender scented sachet and a do not disturb sign for the door. And you can include extras... like slippers.  Their nighties are cut a little full ie: fit in shoulders for S,M, L, etc.. and sleeve length but are roomy.  Can't speak to their PJ's but you can always call customer service with those questions.  They have sizes from XS to 3X (or 26)

I may post more catalogues as I go, so please check back. Scroll down to find several posts of gift ideas. More will be posted in the coming week.


Anonymous said...

I L*O*V*E Sundance jewelry!!

misskilpy said...

Highlights has a purdy darn good kids catalogue too. You are amazing Sydney. Wii love you.

Sydney said...

Thanks y'all!