Friday, December 5, 2008

For the GOLFER

Pocket Golf Tool -- Like a swiss army knife with specific tools for the golfer. Not everyone would have this, as I've never seen it before, so... it might be right for the golfer that has everything. While I'm sure a woman would love it too, let's just say: Men + Golf + tools= perfect! $49.99

Available at Sears or (swiss army) or CLICK HERE

Personalized, Premium Golf Balls --Oh yeah, how can they not like this? Simple, but always welcome! May be timely so order fast! $44.99 allowing 2-3 weeks delivery. If you're too late, order and keep for the birthdya, retirement, promotion, fathers/mothers's day gift. www. or CLICK HERE

Golf Themed Chocolates -- I can't vouch for the quality of taste, and they aren't terribly personal, but they could be exactly right for someone on your list. These are truffles (golf ball shaped)... good enough for me! Especially a golfer at the office, or for a family of golfers or a female golfer, cuz we DO like chocolate! 36 pcs. dark and milk choc truffles with fillings. $34.98 at or CLICK HERE

Trunk Mate -- golf accessory organizers for the car. Holds shoes, balls, tees, etc... One shown is at for $39.95 or CLICK HERE

Two tiered Trunk Mate for $29.95 is found at or CLICK HERE ON SALE from $39.99.

Golf Gift Basket -- Since I try to only reccomend heartily that which I've seen or tried, I can't vouch for what's in this basket, but what I can vouch for is that it's darn cute. Ends up being a 6 can cooler bag after goodies are gone. They have several choices (Hole in One, or One more Round) at or CLICK HERE Priced from $69.99 to $99.00

Golf Cuff Links -- nice golf balls on tees $79.00

For a variety of golf jewelry (cufflinks, tie clips, etc...) with prices between $10-200 for the golfer with high end tastes try and put "golf" into the search field.

Golf Lessons on DVD from supposedly the most advanced one on one teaching videos by Leadbetter's ( 5+ hrs. instruction, over 70 game-improving drills) filmed in high def. Was $99 now $69.95 or CLICK HERE

MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: They may already have this, but even if they do, your gift will simply extend the life of the subscription they already have:

Golf Digest, Golf for Women, Travel and Leisure Golf, Golf world Magazine, Golf Magazine, Golf Tips Magazine. All can be found by googling their name or going to

TIP: In terms of internet cut rate subscription services, just caution when it's a gift. Many work, but I would not go there for a gift. At their normal subscription prices, they are still the most affordable thing to give that someone will enjoy for the entire year. A guarantee they will think of you each time they get it!

Keep scrolling down to find other kinds of gifts!

photos respectfully borrowed from the product's recommended site

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