Monday, December 15, 2008

From Pottery Barn

How can they not like this lovely, silver banded clear glass vase, or two or all three? ON SALE $19-34 CLICK HERE

Pottery Barn is a great place to walk around during the holidays. With their many departments, there are ideas galore. And they carry a diverse selection of ornaments and wrapping papers. Much is on sale, and items get added each week.

Aged looking mercury bowls are elegant all year round, but add something festive to your decor at this time of year. There are several kinds of candle holders, vases, candy dishes if you CLICK HERE, most are on sale. I ordered the low bowl pictured at left. The one of the far left is big enough to hold a bottle of champagne. Spruces up the table or bathroom counter on New Years too!

Faux Fur throws
are all the rage and they feel softer than anything real. Beautifies any ratty old couch or chair. Can be found all over for a variety of prices (check your local Marshalls, Kohls, Loehman's etc..) ON SALE now at Pottery Barn for $99 from 149 CLICK HERE

And while we're on animals -- Pottery Barn also carries tasteful animal print towel sets. I have seen them in other stores over
this year, but they can be hard to find. Comes in Zebra (pictured),
giraffe, and leopard. It can be nice to even buy the hand towels to
jazz up your solids. $9-$29 for washcloth, had towle, bath towel.

all photos respectfully borrowed from Pottery Barn

Please, scroll down for more gift ideas and look for the tips in the purple lettering.

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