Wednesday, December 3, 2008

GREAT GIFTS --Electronics version

I know -- we're all pinching pennies this season. The problem with electronics is, they ain't cheap. For the most part this series, I've tried to list gifts for under $100, with many under $50, but in the Great Gifts for Electronics category, , these prices are just higher. It might be fine for some, but if not, this still might be possible by have several people pitch in on the gift or searching the internet for deals -- Maybe even E-bay offers gently used or like new versions.

-- they have changed since the iphone came out and now they have the futuristic touch screen technology. Are you sitting? They run about $229 for 8GB, $299 for 16Gb, $399 for 32. I think you can find sales on Amazon. com, etc...
www. or CLICK HERE

LP to CD Converter -- How is it possible? I guess they've come up with a way to do this. I have no idea as to the quality, but HammacherSchlemmer has a good reputation. Can even choose which tracks to record, pause and turn the record over, or add songs from multiple LP's to one CD. For those who like their cracks and pops or simply didn't want to buy their entire record collection all over again to have CD's.... $349. CLICK HERE

TIP:  There is a version of this that includes ability to also transfer music from old cassettes to CD as well as records on sale at Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond for $199. I don't know if the one above records with superior quality or not, but you can probably research that on the internet. :-)

Bose headphones -- If you have someone who flies a lot or who has to work around noise (construction, kids), this is the ultimate gift. Hey, it's good for anyone who might want to tune life out or has a hard time focusing! For a pretty penny $269 -- save 10% today when you order
If that is too extreme, they make great "regular" headphones for $125, which you can find on the bose site.

www. or for the sound elimination headphones CLICK HERE

Bose Ipod Dock-- If someone you know already has an ipod, then give them this speaker and they will be amazed. Simply the best audio sound ima ginable in this small speaker. Comes with a remote to change the song and control volume. Plugs in and so light, you can take it anywhere. It's all I've needed for music when I've thrown large parties, rehearsal dinners or weddings. It's THAT good. Black one at is $359, white one is $299 at Amazon. Search the internet for good prices. CLICK HERE for a start.

Garment Steamer -- THIS IS THE BEST INVENTION!!! Wrinkles of most fabrics melt away. Cuts down on dry cleaning costs, helps if your closet is stuffed and everything wrinkles, leaves ironing for only dress shirts and some table cloths! Great too for drapes. There are professional floor models (they allow you to hand the garment at shoulder level and turn it easily). Portable or hand held models. Not all of the latter work well though, so I stick to Rowenta for that.

I have not tried this particular Rowenta model, but as a professional wardrobe stylist I used their previous hand steamers for years and thought they were the best. I saw this yesterday at Bed Bath and Beyond so it may also be there in your area. $69, or less with rebates. You can try the Rowenta iron steamer if the price is better ... not the same thing, but some similar benefits. or CLICK HERE

For the larger, stand up models, the trick is to get a water bottle that stays secure in the tank. I have seen ConAir models in Bed Bath and Beyond for about $79 (on sale at Amazon for $59) that do that and have a nice hanging rack area and even clips for pants. I haven't used ConAir
but it's a reputable company. You can browse and find many models.
Professionals use the old time Jiffy Models, and here is a link to one of those too, though you can google Jiffy to get more choices. $119. CLICK HERE

TIP: Fill water only half way. Also let the steamer start blowing for about 60 seconds before you apply to to fabric, so condensation doesn't spurt out.

You might find any of these at Target, Walmart, Sears, The Container Store too. Shopping trick to save time and gas: Call the store first to see if they have them. Or you can find the model you like on Amazon and see if it's on sale. Only thing is delivery time is getting short and they may be out of stock.

Movie Glasses:
For the Gadget King/Queen/Teen in your life. WOW -- The future has arrived! I've tried these on and it's a trip.
They have stereo sound and 2D or 3D LCD view -- you plug them in to your ipod or a portable DVD player and watch movies like it's in your head.

VCR to DIGITAL transfer machine:
I have not tried this myself but I think it's worth listing for you to take a look and make your own decision. It's being offered by Brookstone which is a reputable co and maybe there are so
me online reviews of it. or CLICK HERE

all pictures respectfully borrowed from the mentioned websites.

Please scroll down as there are many more posts of more affordable gift ideas.


Donna in AL said...

Sydney, that steamer may be good too. She has to have her clothes taken from the dryer as soon as it stops. So she always turns it back on if the clothes have sat in there for an hour or more!!

sizzie said...

Sydney, even the things I know I won't buy have me going to their page and reading all about them. You are the best at finding fun things. Love the movie glasses!