Monday, December 15, 2008

Just Right for the Blogger in Your Life (or the Anti-Blogger)

A year's worth of Journals --

In one neat, read box, a volume for each month. Faux leather (in 2 textures) mixing the months in six colored little books, with 50 lined pages each and the month's name embossed on the spines in silver. Each book is 5.5 x 7" $99 Now ON SALE FOR $69!!! at Pottery Barn (can order til Dec 19th for Delivery before Christmas/Hannukah. or CLICK HERE

(in case you are wondering, those littler boxes to the right are pencil cases, which are also for purchase in the link I provided).

TIP: All stores seem to be having outrageous sales. At this time of year, that's unheard of, thank you recession. To save even more, before you order online or from a catalogue, o Google the store you are ordering for with the word "coupon" after it, to find all kinds of discount or free shipping codes on top of the current savings!!

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photo respectfully borrowed from Pottery Barn

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