Friday, December 5, 2008


These two were on my blog from months ago as excellent products. When I find good stuff (seems so rare these days) I just want to tell people. These are just so good I have to list them again.

PURE KONA COFFEE for the conniseur or the person who has everything....
If you're a coffee lover, you know that pure 100% Kona beans are considered by many to be the best in the world. What you may have not know is that labels touting that they're Kona coffee often have only a percentage of true Kona beans in them.

I know a lovely couple on the Big Island who live on and run a small coffee farm with their young daughter Athena. The climate and soil on their little patch of paradise is ideal for growing the best beans and they tend to every part of the process with great care and love. Their products are the handpicked, sundried genuine 100% Kona beans. Check out my favorite if you're game - the American Roast: No smoother, tastier java will ever pass your taste buds.

If you are looking for a high end gift, ATHENA of HAWAI'I will send your bag in a beautiful handmade box of dark wood with a very shiny, multi-page booklet inside describing the coffee farm and the region of Kona. Especially good for the person who has everything. And they ship everything for FREE.

These are very friendly folks so if you have any questions or want to know more, drop them a line: or call (+USA) 1 808 328-1401."

Bling with a subtle spiritual vibe
On my last trip to NYC I visited a favorite shop for jewelry called Satya. When I first stopped by their store in Greenwich Village I was there for several hours, boggled by the gorgeous array of colored stones and incredible quality for very reasonable prices. On the whole the line is classy, delicate and simple, and though there are some very clean, Calvin Klein-like designs, many have an ethnic flavor. Best if you see for yourself.

Just click on the name and it'll take you to their well organized website. You can shop by price, birthstone, or symbol, by your favorite color stone or by silver/gold.

They rock for someone who has a spiritual side as a fair amount of their line incorporates symbols like a heart, peace, the tree of life, OM, Buddah, the Star of David and the cross, Hamsa, lotus etc... Great answer for a bride looking for something different yet affordable for her wedding party. A wonderful source for Valentines Day, anniversaries, Mothers Day, as a thank you gift, for b-days, holidays... and don't forget yourself!

All come with a little card that lists the meaning of each stone and symbol you choose. And their packaging is so pretty, you won't need to wrap: Each item lays over an leaf dipped in iridescent color, in a box which is enclosed in a crystalline organza drawstring bag. They thought of everything.

On the website I always go to the "recent markdowns" section first
to see what's offered at a bargain.

Tips: If you feel clueless try searching by your price range or someone's birthstone and seeing if anything calls out to you. Keep in mind if the person you're buying for wears predominantly gold or silver -- most people gravitate to one.

My sure fire pick: Their hoops -- an all round crowd pleaser in brushed silver or gold, three sizes to choose from.

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Photos respectfully borrowed from recommended sites.