Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Suggestions from Red Envelope

So many things at!! This is a great all round gift catalog you should check out yourself.  They have high quality items and packaging for mid-range prices, not outrageous. Most things can be engraved or embossed (call to see about the timing at 877-733-3683).  There are many things for new parents, for him, for her, and for kids.  There is a special link of all gifts that can be sent today. I have sent and receive many an item from RE.  Here are a few top please-all picks:

Mother/Father + Child Jewelry:  Great for new parents.  Mens' are a refined dog tag style with two pieces of sterling silver fused together to signify the bond -- Chinese characters on one side, english on the other. $99 CLICK HERE

Womens: There are many necklaces that represent mother and child -- pearl peas in a silver pod, pendants and pins with a jewel per child, lockets etc, starting at $49.00 I have given this necklace, sterling silver with chinese characters hand carved on mother of pearl, that slides aside to reveal the words they represent: Mother and daughter/son. $69.95

They have Monogrammable Cufflink lockets as well $119-149 CLICK HERE

Jewelry Case - I like these to store earrings, necklaces etc when traveling. Small enough
 to carry on so precious items are not trusted to the suitcase and protects!  All sizes but travel size is only $24.95 Black, chocolate, red or bone Larger one for $49.95 CLICK HERE for both

Baby Keepsake Kit - A GREAT idea for new parents!!!  Parents mix impression material and make their own hand and foot print of their baby, and frame it with a picture in acid-free matte boards... three color choices for frame.  $69 ON SALE for $49.

Smaller desk size for $39.99 And one for PET LOVERS $34.99. CLICK HERE

Cigar Cases:  Rich dark leather, holds 3 cigars, alloy lighter and stainless steel cutter. Can be engraved with up to 3 letters but time may be short so call 877-733-3683 to ask).  $59.95  OR silver nickel holder for 2 cigars, lightweight, easy for the traveler.  $29.95 CLICK HERE for both

FOR HER:  Gorgeous Silk Pajamas which can be personalized if it's not too late (call now to see at 877-733-3683.  Purple, Fuscia (pictured) or teal.  $99.95  CLICK HERE

Keep scrolling down for endless days of suggestions. They go back to November 25th or so.  I try to make it easy by giving you the link to each item, and pictures for most!

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