Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stocking Stuff, part 3

A New Sharpie -- who can't use one of those? Come in all sizes now. Try the one without a cap (since leaving off the cap dries it out instantly, they've invented a click pen, like a ballpoint)

How About --White out, post it notes, highlighter pens (especially one with the post-it tabs included), replacement box of staples, colorful pushpins for the teen/college kid, new sharp sicssors (always need a spare), little tissue packs they sell with colors or designs, pretty package of cocktail napkins, post it notes with funny sayings, a box of plain white, double-thick privacy envelopes which we always need, mini -note pads for purse, a small box of thank you cards. Again, the ideas are endless at these stores.

Stamps -- get an unusual picture... or not. Can get any number you want at the post office teller, but a book holds 20.

Energy Saver Light bulbs -- You know, the ones that look like Dairy Queen swirls? At the grocery or hardware store, they can save the recipient lots of money, help the environment, and they'll cost you about $5. Stick a note on it saying "Put me in your most used lamp!"

Single disposable Fountain pens - these aren't the fancy, refillable ones but Pilot makes ones called Varsity in blue, black or violet inks. Should be at any fancy stationery store but also have found them in Boarders, Staples and Office Depot.

Bridge Players -- they use double decks (matching sets) of cards and can always use another

Bird Lovers -- the little bells or lard covered squares can stuff if the sticking is wide enough. Goolge a recipe and make yourself out of suet and seed. photo credit:

For the Crafter --Paint brushes, plasitc mixing cup, scrapbooking stickers, colored inks and stamps, fine glitter (comes in amazing colors nowadays), little glues,

Knitters-- how about a unique color or texture ball of yarn, a new pattern to follow (just try to chose one for their skill level)... or crochet needles to help them try something new? Photo credit:

Golfers - Can always use new balls or tees, etc... but they may be particular about the type. Sneak into their golf vase to look if you can.

There are too many to name but there is something little to stuff for everyone from the fly fisher to the yogini.

HARDWARE SUPPLIES:Screws, nails, drill heads, sandpaper in varying thicknesses, electrical tape, batteries (always a great staple for any stocking!!!), night light, LED light for keychain.

An Ornament -- Home made is always a great idea for this one but if you're out of time, find many at Pier One, Target, Macy's, Etc...

GIFT CARDS: I'm sugesting small things for these, as larger gift card amounts qualify for a regular gift, not just a stocking stuffer. Like a card fromt he local theater for a free movie or just for popcorn or a Starbucks card for your family addict. McDonalds had offered dollar gift certificates and maybe they still do (ask Subway for a healthier choice). Home Depot is a great one too. Ask anywhere -- art suppply store, hardware, stationery store --especially in these times, almost any venue will make something up for you if they don't have it already.

THERE'S MORE: CLICK HERE if you missed Part One and HERE if you missed Part Two of this series. 

I could go on for days but hopefully these ideas got you thinking. Please leave me a comment if you need help for someone hard to buy for and I will reply there too, or you can give me your e-mail and I'll get back to you.

Happy Holidays to ALL!


Anonymous said...

Great suggestions (still!! they just keep coming!) Sydney!

I bet people love getting gifts from put lots of thought into it.


Sydney said...

Yes, Somebody Stop ME! lol

Julie, I'm just so glad someone is reading them, though they are so much fun to do. I could make it a full time job...

How are you doing with all your holiday stchuff?