Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stocking Stuff, Part 2

HEALTH/BEAUTY/GROOMING: These can be fanciful items or totally practical: A new toothbrush, or replacement heads if they have an electric brush like Braun. Contact lens fluid, mulit-vitamins, nail polish I think Essie is the best, hands down), lip liner or gloss, razor replacement heads or a new pack of disposables, aftershave, small travel sized hand lotions. Eyeglass cleaner or shamy. Fizzy Bath balls or bubble bath (drugstores have inexpensive little gift packets which you can also pull apart to stuff a few stockings from). The list goes on and ON!

Magnifying Card -- like credit card, some with little lights that come on when you press, Fits in wallet. At Walgreens, CVS, etc.. "Seen on TV"

Floss - I recommend Glide, the best kind that I've never know to stick or shred, no matter your dental work.

Blistex - Best mentholated chapstick in my book. Not waxy and sinks in to lip to heal instead of sliding right off your lips after a 3 sentence conversation like Get the tube with the slanted applicator. Or go for -- like refreshing cool water, in a bunch of flavors.

Soap on a Rope -- if you can find them, men like them. I've seen them in fancier places that carry men's cosmetics and shaving stuff for $9 (outrageous!) but you might find them cheaper.

Shaving Cream replacement-- If your guy used a cake of shaving cream and a brush to lather up, he can always use more. I get my husband one every year just as he's running out of last years. I go with almond scented by Caswell Massey.

Plastic Travel cases -- If they travel they can never have enough of those little pill bottles, toothbrush caps, shampoo holders to fill with just enough of their favorite products to go.

Glasses Case-- Many colorful and classy styles and prices. It's the right shape for a stocking neck too!

Whatever penny candies were popular during their childhood will be the best, but there are fun seasonal items everywhere. Put a candy cane in for looks if nothing more, but if peppermint isn't their thing, there are plenty of new flavors usually available at your grocery store, if not Walmart or Target.

Caramel Nips - Hard candies with a surprise inside. At most markets and drugstores for .99-$1.49 Chocolait Parfait and Peanut Butter rock!

Individually wrapped Cookies: Mrs. Fields cookies and some Deluxe Oreos now come in single wrapped pacakges. You can find them at CVS/Walgreens in the food or candy aisle, or find boxes of 8 individually wrapped in the cookie aisle at the grocery store. These are great for the whole family.

Seasonal Treats --Reeces, M&M's and Hershey come out with the cutest stocking stuff every year. Candy canes filled with mini peantut butter cups, Little round M'M guys with arms and leggs filled with colored M&M's, etc... and there are plenty of marhsmellow and chocolate foli covered santas to stick in the toe of the stocking.
Lumps of coal -- A must for giggles -- in a palm sized burlap drawstring bag (for the fun of it...) If you have a Whole Foods or Boarders Bookstore nearby, they sell candy coal. Palmer makes some.

GODIVA -- for the most sophisticated person on your stocking stuffing
list, Godiva has all kinds of elegant little packages with dark or milk covered nuts and fruits (rasberry adn cherries this year). They also have little "pearls" in a tin for purse or briefcase in flavors like Chocolate mint and Caffe Latte. CLICK HERE for full selection and then go to your local store in the mall to pick up.

THERE'S MORE!! CLICK HERE for Part Three and HERE if you missed Part One of Stocking Stuffers.

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BrioII said...

I agree, Glide is excellent floss. I use it in a Gripit Floss Holder - - so I don't have to put my fingers into my mouth while flossing.