Thursday, December 4, 2008


Putting this one up solo as it has to be ordererd immediately to get it personalized. You may have to pay for Rush shipping but it's worth it for the griller in your life.  I got one of these for Bobby Flay, the Food Network Chef, owner of 4-6 restaurants and author of a million books, and star of Boy Meets Grill and Throwdown as well as Iron Chef. (Btw, he's the best). My point is, it's good for someone who has everything, and if he -- the Grilling King --liked it, it's good!

This can be for the serious griller or as a tongue in cheek gift for your family jokester.  It's a monogrammed brand for whatever meat he/she grills.  At some of the links below they offer single initials as well as the three initial monogram, but also symbols and such. It's better if you see it so just click the links below for the best prices and selections.  Or Google personalized brands or steak brands and see what you get. 

You often can get just one letter or a three letter monogram, etc... you can do it in "western" font or "classic " Font. The western is fun to get. If you're up against a deadline, try calling customer service to sweet talk someone into giving you a break (prepare to pay for rush delivery). 

All the below offer the monogram or an initial and are roughly the same price -- between $24-35 ish.. before shipping.


Grilling  These guys have other grilling stuff here too that you may give with it if you want.

Steak Branding  There offer a lot of pictures and themed brands in case you don't love the idea of monogram or initial, though they offer it too.

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Donna in AL said...

I ordered one of the monogrammed brands last night after 10:30 and I already have a notice from UPS saying it will be delivered Tuesday! I am a happy camper... I think I will still get the hammock too...Thanks again!