Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby's First Ornament Kit

No matter what seasonal or spiritual tradition one might celebrate, a baby's first holiday is something special.  Here is a lovely way to preserve that memory.    

$29.95 for round ornaments, $34.95 for multi- shaped (as shown).

I imagine grandparents would especially love this ... And who's to say this could not be a gift for an animal lover as well? I could see a paw print in there too. :-)

CLICK HERE to order from Red

Also, CLICK HERE to see the one that listed last year as one of the best gifts (imho) for new parents around. Classy looking, fun to make, forever a treasure, and all for under $50! 


Donna in AL said...

My sons are 25 and 27 and I still have their first Christmas tree ornaments! When the time is right for them to have children, I will get to buy one for a grandchild!

My WV is Likestis... hmmmm?

Renee said...

I love these. I am going to look at red envelope who I have forgotten about.

Love Renee xoxo