Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hanukkah Giving

A big blue box shaped like the star of David is really 8 small boxes, each containing a seasonal treat, including a wooden Dreidel with game rules. $55.95 CLICK HERE to order.

A box of a dozen kosher cookies in 4 different themed shapes packed into a round blue box. Just add a bow! $24.95 CLICK HERE

There is also a large set of 7 tasteful blue and gold boxes filled withhigh quality kosher treats - fruits, coffee, jam, chocolate, nuts -- to be
opened one each night. That item (#84Z) can be found by CLICKING HERE. $59.95

Cherry Moon farms offers a collection of Kosher cakes, cookies and candies ideal for sending to friends and relatives who don't

live in town. CLICK HERE for their Kosher Gifts section.

There were too many gifts at this site to highlight them here so I'm giving you the entire link:
anukahGifts.html or CLICK HERE. That's the "View All" link and there are over 8 pages for men, women, kids. Jewelry, things for the kitchen, handsome star of David jewelry boxes, Dreidels both traditional and modern... the list goes on. How about this limouage keepsake Dreidel box for $9.95? CLICK HERE
Or this beautiful Tree of Life Menora for $89.95 CLICK HERE Take a look at it close up on the site, very pretty!

How about for many gifts like this silver and opal pendant $27.95
or CLICK HERE There's a pleasing list of categories like: baby gifts, extensive jewelry, wall hangings, beauty products like the famous AHAVA products formulated from Dead Sea minerals. Something for everyone, and not just for Hanukkah.

Other unique gifts can be found by Clicking HERE

*thank you to each respective catalogue for their pictures*

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