Saturday, December 12, 2009

And I Mean Fur BABY

They say pets are part of the family... some people call them their fur kids. Well, these products takes that seriously.

If you or someone on your list is dedicated to pets, or has a hurting back from carrying their doggie around in their purse... this is for you: Pet strollers!!! This one from Pet Gear is pictured is $65.41

And what if your dog is so little, it can't look out the window when you drive? Or you want to keep an eye on the little when you're eye is also on the road? Instead of jumping around the back seat, your critter can sit in comfort in this Pet Lookout Booster Seat. Only $30.65

If you're a hard core jogger, camper, etc... the Petgear AT3, All Terrain Stroller is a little more $$ but apparently worth the value. $151.39

And then there's the rolling suitcase kind of carrier, which is excellent for walking long distances or being in airports, even going to the vet... Prices vary from $49-189

Don't forget that you can also carry your baby right on your person. A variety of front or back "pet packs" are available in all colors and fabrics and styles for just around $32.00

I love this -- a dog house even the husband wouldn't mind spending the night in -- A nice sized Log Cabin... Small size is $109.99, Larger is $131.99

There are several more items like these in varying prices and color as well as other kinds of pet carriers to be found if you Google but all of the above with a zillion more choices can be found at by CLICKING HERE

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