Friday, December 18, 2009

For the Sporty

Hardly a comprehensive list, here are just a few items of interest.

OK, this is something I want... an elastic, easy to put on holder for your binocs or camera. Great for birders, travel photographers or nature buffs who need their hands free but don't want heavy equipment banging around their neck... especially when you bend over. That has to be better for your back and neck too. CLICK HERE to buy now on sale at Cabellas, from $19-25. Comes in black, tan and camo! UPDATE: they are currently back ordered but you can find others by Googling "binocular (or camera) suspenders" and similar phrases to find like designs, though I think Cabellas are most versatile. May find on Ebay too. Just make sure the connections are neutral for any binoc or camera that has strap hooks. Some have different configuratoins in back, so look for one that will work best for you.

For the Angler in your life, this is a nifty little carry all pack that doesn't get in the way of that fishing arm! There's even a detachable pocket that can move from front to back. Adjustable strap.

CLICK HERE to find at ORVIS for $49!

How about a portable boot dries that takes care of wet shoes and boots overnight... helps keep free of bacteria developing as well. It's practical, yes, but what is worse than wet feet in the great outdoors? There are two -- one for $14 on sale adn the other for $34. can't tell the difference but I assume one is more powerful? CLICK HERE and HERE to see for yourself.

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