Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Short on Stocking Stuff and yet the clock ticks away on Christmas Eve? There are 24 hour Walgreens and CVS's and grocery stores that you can still go to for stuff. Here are some suggestions:

For the Sweet Tooth:
*There are so many custom candies for the holidays--- stuff the toe with the individually sized stuff like baby snickers, tootsie pops etc... or go for the Chocolate covered marshmallow santas, Reeces Trees, M&M's stuffed in plastic candy cane shapes, or those little samplers from Whitman that have 4 gourmet chocolates in a stocking sized little box.
* How about little bags of Famous Amos cookies or the large size Mrs. Fields or chocolate dipped Oreos that come out this time of year?
*Those little, individually wrapped chocolate truffels by Lindor are to die for and better than most gourmet chocolates in my book. (Add bubble bath or champagne and you have a full-on gift!). But they are also sold in full bars!!! Another favorite bar -- Cadbury's fruit and Nut bars. Those are great for anyone, but are a favorite of hikers and bikers too. It gives energy and protein from the almonds and rasins in the chocolate.
*Granola bars and little 100 calorie bags of Crasins (cranberry rasins) or pocket bags or cashews or almonds are great treats for the health-minded.
*For those who are diabetic or dieting, thank fully there are all kinds of makers coming out with very tasty versions of all our favorites in sugar free bags. Russel Stover is one. These are found at any CVS or Walgreens.

Lastly, there are all sorts of mints and gums in cool packaging to be found at the register or candy aisle... good for all ages and tastes.

Practical and Useful: We all use, need, and run out things like these. It will be appreciated.
*A full sized toothpaste or a new toothbrush... or replacement packs for toothbrush heads on Braun and other electric toothbrushes.
* Contact lens solution or brand new little white plastic contact cases
* Nail Polish Remover or all brand new nail files (if she has acrylic nails, ask the clerk which ones are for that).
* Dental Floss-- I think the best is GLIDE by Crest
* That new foaming hand soap that comes in pump bottles perfectly sized for the bathroom or kitchen or work room sink. Some have seasonal designs and scents.
* $15 Starbucks or Subway cards
* You can also go by McDonalds and get some kind of Gift certificates for low denominations. May hold true for your local Denny's, IHop, Pie place, etc...
* Eyeglass repair kit with those tiny screwdrivers or glass lens cleaners and shamys to wipe good for camera bugs too)
* Blistex liquid lip balm or Burts Bees
* Favorite Advil, Eccederin, Bayer, Tylenol.... whatever
* Energy saver light bulbs

For the Beautified: (Pick name brands for these products, not the drugstore label -- Lancome is always quality, as is Neutrogena, which is good for those with allergies to additives and fragrances or sensitive skin)

* Nail polish -- if you're not sure of a color, You can go for clear, fire engine red or thenatural looking french pinks. Opi or Essie are good names, but Sally Hansen is fine too.
* polish drying sprays or top coats --my all time FAVORITE is called OUT THE DOOR by inm and is clear colored. Amazing!
* Lip gloss --if in doubt, stick to clear so it can turn any color stick she has into glossy lips
* Cuticle clippers that are new. Old ones can not work as well anymore so replacements will be appreciated.
* Bubble bath--again, maybe not a great idea if she is fragrance-sensitive. Ask the clerk for what is a name brand or good quality...
* If you know what shampoo or body lotion she likes, go for it. Nivea Smooth Sensation in a big steel blue bottle is smooth -- just like they say, and a favorite of mine.

For Guys:
* Batteries always are welcome, especially for those who live in areas that get heavy weather (D batteries and AA especially)
* A roll of real Duct tape -- which is expensive and can be used for so many things, he'll likey
* A big old black Sharpie... especially the new ones that have the click tops, so there is no lid to loose.
* Gum, mints, tic tacs, cigs, lighters, adhesive sore-muscle heat pads or those ice packs that you scrunch up and they magically turn cold.
* new shoelaces either for black dress/work shoes, tennis shoes or work boots
* shoe polish or kits... I love the slim cylinders of shoe cream with the touch up sponge in the lid made by Kiwi

In general, go to each aisle and see what you can find... measuring tape? Needle and thread traveling sewing kits? Stain fighting bleach pens or Shout wipes for someone with toddlers? Gardening or heavy work gloves? Dr. Scholls shoe inserts? Night lights?

And since Bluray is in, and stores are trying in this economy to move product, you may find some great DVD's for cheap ... i got Dreamgirls at Krogers for $4.99 the other day.

Lastly, any of those "as seen on TV products" that fit your person... they are usually pretty great, albeit kitchy, things! And if only for looks and sentiment, don't forget to add a candy cane at the top! Happy Holidays to all, and to all a GOOD NIGHT!


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

I've been lovin' your lists and Walgreens is fun to wander round, any time of year!

Rochelle said...

Yay, I'm so glad Teri! It is a lot of work and I know most people who stop by don't leave comments. But to know that someone is looking makes it very worthwhile! Thanks for saying hello.

Debbie said...

Thanks for the advice on feeding. The first thing that got my attention about this little squirrel is that she was so underweight compared to the local squirrel population. Then I saw her moving and realized she was injured. Wish I could do more for her. She keeps coming every day for nourishment and I'll feed her as long as she does.