Monday, December 21, 2009

The Little That Says Big

Compatible with all new Iphone and Ipod units, this little charger is battery operated and hence... no need for being near a plug. Now that we are addicted to these gadgets, I find this kind of thing imperative to have, lol. Great for traveler, camper, exec or mom on the go, and I bet your teen or college kid will lurve it! on sale from $39 to $26.99. CLICK HERE

For your writer or late night thinker, insomniac or someone who likes to record dreams... A self-lighting bedside pad to write on in the middle of the night.

They're selling something like this at Bed Bath & Beyond for $10, (I bought a few) but I think this one found at Restoration Hardware is a little cooler. Both have pens, but this one has one of those space pens that writes at any angle. Both light up but his one is triggered by the pen hitting the paper, where the BB&B one you have to turn on yourself. It's on sale from $25 to $17.49 and for the right person would make a great little gift! CLICK HERE

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