Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Lotta for A Little

Oh this picture doesn't do them justice. They come in silver, red, purple and blue. And they are LOUD for being so little. Made by IHome, these are for your ipod and are rechargeable.

You can buy them everywhere so Google for the best price. For now CLICK HERE for the link at Amazon, where they are $43. 95 with free shipping. On Apple's site they are $49.

And for $49 you can get this IHome portable speaker that clips to your bike... Called the Bike to Beach Speaker, it's water resistant and comes with a handle bar mounted remote control for changing songs, adjusting volume. Tres Cool! CLICK HERE for link.

You may be able to find this at a better price too if you google around. I have been so busy this season that I just can't scour the web like I used to to... but hopefully getting the idea is all you need to get some great gifts or notions that lead to them!!!

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