Sunday, December 13, 2009

More for Beer Lovers

If you scroll back a few posts you will find a Beer of the Month club. If that is barking up the right tree for the person on your list, but not quite what you want to get, how about these stunning options?

On sale from $26 to $18.00, a good looking belt with a buckle that doubles as a bottle opener!
Click Here to buy.

A wallet with a bottle opener as part of the design and actually, it looks pretty good! If you have Kohls nearby they advertised it on sale for $18. I assume this one will sell out quickly, lol. CLICK HERE to find out.

And for only $9.99 on sale again at Kohls, how about flip flops with a bottle opener in it. There are several styles, CLICK HERE to check them out....

And they have baseball caps with bottle openers on them too.

Who knew?

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Donna in AL said...

I like these although I do not drink, I have friends that do. I gave one friend a bottle opener that looks like a credit card, made of metal that slides right in her cigarette case. I also saw on a website, a beer bottle holster! I thought about getting my brother one of those.