Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Easy to Find For Kids (and Adults!)

Now here's something you can consider if the new Beatles Rock Band is just too expensive. For $11.99 you can get your kids singing along to these covered Beatles songs CLICK HERE for one place to buy (and see song list) or check your local stores.

This might be as much for new moms and dads to doze to in the rocking chair at 3AM but Jewel came out with a CD called Lullaby this year. Made up of the songs she wrote in harder times to comfort herself, it's a pretty little album to give or receive... CLICK HERE to see it, though you can find this anywhere locally.

You've seen it everywhere but I just had to include Fancy Nancy's Splendiferous Christmas. At every darn bookstore near you. A colorful romp through her larger that life world, perfect to get in the mood of the season.

Now on CD, all 5 of the Olivia Books read by the fabulous (and perfect) Dame Edna! CLICK HERE to buy for only $9.99

Just a few for now folks.

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