Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Now THIS is a pretty bag.... I am not keeping to my mostly $50 and under suggestions on this post, 'uz it's just too nice not to show. CLICK HERE to buy at Ann Taylor for $115. See the code below for 25% off!

I saw this glass pearl and ribbon necklace at Ann Taylors and promptly bought it... for moi. You have no idea how sparkly and festive it is!

It will take everything plain and black I have in my closet and instantly make it say "Holiday". This pic does not do it justice.You need to click on the link and see for yourself. It's $58... (but the jet black one is offered at different link for less -- $50 online. CLICK HERE for that black).

I got my purchase for 30% off because they were just having a special off everything in the store last week. Right now if you order online and put the code PRESENTS in at check out, you will get 25%off! CLICK HERE.... now!!!! Or, call your local store and see if they have it and can hold one for you. Comes in four colors-- I got the clear beads with the smoke string, but the smoky camel colored beads and the teal blue ones are really pretty too.

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