Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Play and Develop Skills

What to get the Tween, if not the Twilight USB drive mentioned two posts down? How about this, if she or he loves fashion or is a budding entrepreneur?

First you have to have the multi-function purse size Nintendo DS, which plays games and also is a music player and digital camera. You can find it new at places like Walmart and I imagine Target etc... but since they are in the $170 rangeyou could also find some gently used at Amazon and on Ebay for much less...

Then add the Style Saavy game for $30, your kid can spend hours learning to be an entrepreneur or stylist to be. The game puts her/him as the owner of a boutique, where they do the buying, mixzing and matching of trendy fashions and accessories, looking after a stream of customers and watching the funds.

Click Here to read more about the game and see actual demonstrations. Thanks to hotgifts.us for the pic.

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Lou said...

Ya' know, instead of a game where you pretend to own a business, why not actually make it a reality?

My kids, ages 8 and 11, started and are running profitable businesses by using the Biz in a Boxx guidelines.

I bought the products at www.bizinaboxx.com for under $50 and never had to lift a finger. The kids had everything they needed included in the boxxes to be successful young entrepreneurs.

They are making their own money and having a blast doing it alone and with their friends.

This is a great product that works in the real world.