Saturday, December 12, 2009

This n' That

Take a look at these beautiful Masai women candlesticks, made of dark ebony wood found only in the Sahara Desert. 15.5 " high, CLICK HERE to buy for $32.oo If sold out also TRY HERE at for similar designs.

Beautiful Glass Egg Ornaments from Sundance. Unusual and so very pretty on tree or in a window. Click HERE to buy individually for $18 each... Or CLICK HERE for set of 4 for $24 so if you want, call them and ask about that item #45061 @ 1800-422-2770.

Repeating from last year's top 10... These are the coolest -- Little metal tree shapes with an oil lamp. Light the wick and you will have a flickering reflection of a tall tree on your wall. Get more than one to create a custom image. Really different, good for most on your list. Run about $48 per tree. Can be found online or at or by clicking HERE.

Look at these truly handsome candles -- Moroccan embossed pillars resemble North African Leather work. Scented in Moroccan Wood and sold in two's chose your color. CLICK HERE to buy for $20. on SALE. Can find the silver elephant holders there too for only $10. ea on sale.

Pretty little word... A message that's for all year round. Technically these are ornaments but I have similar ones I hang over my mirror to remind me... $18. CLICK HERE to order from the Sundance Catalogue.

For Dog or soap lovers (lol) - try these beautifully package soaps in a variety of pups. Le Dachund, Le Pug, Le Westie Dog, Scottie Dog, La Maltese each have their own (pleasant) scent. I've seen them up close and they are really quite nice! $20 each, get one or all! CLICK HERE to buy at Uncommon Goods.

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