Thursday, December 17, 2009

This n' That

Here's something new... mixing bowls made of silicone so they can pour more easily. Set of three from William Sonoma is $49. CLICK HERE to see more. I personally like their Melamine bowls with a pouring spout. They come in several colors, with 4 bowls... and are $38. CLICK HERE to see. I liked last year's model which had a handle better, but I guess it does take up more room in the cupboard. Great for pouring pancakes, muffins, cake batter, and omelettes.

For the Moderns on your list, this classy, simple, elegant Ona vase can be found at your nearby Crate and Barrel for $18.95. CLICK HERE to find pretty pictures of it with flowers and water.

Or maybe you'll want to pick up this bedside water carafe and glass for only $19.99. M ake a really nice gift for a man or a woman. CLICK HERE .

Verrrry purdy mercury--- and should accent most decor - modern, Deco, glamorous, Shabby Chic, even country style -- at holiday time or year round. Hand blown, 4" or 6". Best thing is, it's at your local Pottery Barn and they're only $12-$16. CLICK HERE for details.

I know that there's many Bear fans out there. How about this cutie, from Red Envelope for $29. 16' high.

As of this date, plenty of time for delivery before Christmas. CLICK HERE to order.
thank you to each listed website for the pictures

Do YOU have a gift idea? Please leave it for me, and everyone who visits here, in the comments! Thanks!

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