Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thank you to one and all who stopped by the gift part of this blog this holiday season. And special thanks to those who sent in an idea for all to share, or passed the link on. Again, I get nothing out of it, but there is so much work involved, it's really nice to know that some people saw it and, better yet, benefitted from it. I'm so glad that some of you ordered the Thymes Fir candles (I found them on sale at 60% off at the fancy grocery store here and bought about 25!) and the gloves with the fingertip that enables using iphones and other touch screens while keeping warm, to name two.

You can always refer to the tab entitled Great Gifts to access these ideas at any time... for any occasion that comes up through the year. Most of them are available year round.

I'll still post on great products when I find them, but not be solely focused on that as I am duing holiday season. Don't forget to check out my animal blog, which I do post on almost every day, at I love getting your comments, so please leave one so I know you came to visit. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!!

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Laurie said...

Thank YOU for doing all that work for us so we didn't have to. I got an email today saying the gloves are back in stock and the have more colors now.