Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wearing Your Heart

Thanks to my blog pal at the Rattie Crew, I discovered this very nice jewelry site. Christie Robinson, Earth and Animal Friendly Designs. Very affordable things... most average around $25.

The items look lovely, are simple yet unique, and there's a little something for everyone (if you don't like the animal or message themes there are nice, tasteful items, from rings and cuff links to things like Elvis's figures and city skyline necklaces to rival that famous Carrie necklace from Sex in the City).

Take time to really click around, there's more than featured in her slide show. I like the love ring, which could be good to save for an anniversary, or Valentines day... or any old day you want to brighten.

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Laurie said...

Oh you know I'm going to love this one! Thank you!