Monday, October 25, 2010

The X box 360 is THE "in" box


The Xbox 360 Kinect

That's all I have to say.

This will be the most popular, sought after, cleared-from-the-shelves gift this season.

Television's Home Shopping Network was offering them (their own bundle of hardware and games) this weekend on their Holiday Tech show, but they don't hit the stores until November 4. You may want to watch HSN for that specifically titled show to see if they offer it again. They went like hotcakes. I've never ordered a thing from them but I almost did because my gut told me this was the one way to be sure way to get one. I don't even play these kinds of games or own any kind of console. Rock Band Beatles edition almost got me to get one but I just thought, I don't want to get MORE plugged and lose more hours than I already do to staring at a screen.

But I'm all for the Wii and now this, because it's EXERCISE. Your body is the joystick, so to speak, utilized by a motion-sensing camera. You can use your hands like they are a mouse and there's voice navigation capability as well. For those of us who played outside as kids bemoaning that kids now-a-days are pale and sedentary because of technology, finally technology is helping everyone get active again, and can bring the family together.

The good news is the Kinect is supposed to be compatible with all current and future X box consoles. Yes! There currently are about 15 launch titles. A partial list: a dance game of course, one for bowling, an animal collecting game, a Star Wars themed game, a Sports offering (much like Wii), a river ride, car racing and I've read about a Disney game with Tinkerbell.

Keep your eyes peeled, but if you end up camping out at store doors all night, please be careful people. Nothing is worth the stampedes some of these things cause. If you don't get one this holiday, remember that if you get the second version it is often cheaper, faster and better. Or you can probably buy this one when the shelves are stocked in January. Win/win.

THE Future is HERE.

There has been no price mentioned yet.

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Kowabunga Mama said...

I thank goodness that my son is only Wii in the big game department. The individual games are soooo expensive. This looks great though.